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Posted Oct 22, 2011. Author/ by. 10 Vector Halftone Patterns - I’ve always loved halftone patterns but, I’ve always been stumped when it came to trying to figure out how to create them. For a long while, I experimented with various techniques, some better than others, but in the end, I found that none of them gave me the result that I was looking for. That was until a couple weeks ago when Adelle from Fuel Your Creativity asked me to review Phantasm CS for her website. I jumped at the opportunity and finally found what I was looking for, a plug-in that could create amazing halftone patterns. After a bit of experimentation, I decided to create a set of halftone vectors for you guys to use in your designs. So feel free to download them and use them for free. In this set, I have included 10 separate SVG files, to use them, simply download the zip file, unzip it and open each file up with Illustrator or the vector program of your choice