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Sharing business cards is a quick and easy way to build your social contacts. Many of us may be tempted to think that business or visiting cards are old fashioned. Well, may be, it’s true to an extent. However, not all , u"’": uold-fashioned’ things are bad. As a matter of fact, business cards hold in them an old romance that is hard to miss. To cut the long story short, you can still use business or visiting cards with all the confidence, and you can share them as frequently as you want to. So now that we have decided that business cards can still be relevant today, you should make sure that your cards are beautifully designed. A nicely designed business cards will not only be visually attractive but will also serve the purpose for which it was created. Don’t forget that business card printing is as important as the card design itself. So, you must select a good printer that gives you the quality that complement the design of your card. Today’s freebie is a double-sided business card template that has an elegant black background and a creative concept. This double-sided business card template has been designed in Adobe Illustrator. And, of course, you can modify the design according to your taste and requirements. Happy networking!