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Life is like a panorama of moving images - cheerful, sad, bright, dark, natural, pretentious. You name a category and the life will show you a countless images for that category. Capturing the pictures of life require an attention to fine detail. Photography seems to be a growing passion for a number of people these days. And you’d find an even bigger number of enthusiasts who can boast of their skills to edit or modify these pictures. After all we humans are imaginative creatures and will make all possible efforts to , u"’": uimprove the natural’. Editing images cannot be considered an area of interest for photographers and designers. Many professionals who don’t fall in these categories or even ordinary people like to use photo editing softwares for different reasons. I’ll spare you the details about what a good application or GUI should look like. But I assure you I had that in mind while designing this photo editor. This is a simple photo editor PSD. A few buttons/icons at the top along the horizontal axis, and a few down the vertical axis along the left margin. A couple of icons are in selected or active state. One of them along the left margin also shows its submenu. There is a canvas mode button and a status bar at the bottom of the PSD. You can download this free photo editor and make your own GUI using the same style and elements. Happy Editing!