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Apple device users and app developers are in for a treat today as we bring to you a set of Apple devices wireframe vectors all absolutely free! This set includes a Mac wireframe (both desktop and laptop), iPhone wireframe, iPad wireframe and an iPod wireframe, all designed in wireframe as well as a solid white color fill. iPad Wireframe, iPad Mini Wireframe iPhone Wireframe, iPod Wireframe iMac Wireframe Mac Wireframe Wireframe vectors are especially great if you are a prototype designer and have several designs and ideas to share with people. Give these Apple device wireframe vectors a try and see how people respond to your product. It’s a quick and simple method to plan your layout and present your ideas that are both understandable and relatable for everyone concerned, be it the back-end designer or the front user. For your next prototype application on any Apple device, be sure to download and use these wireframe vectors and tell us how you found them!