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We cannot even imagine to use the Internet without having a good Internet browser. Your browser is like your window into cyberspace. There was a time when Internet Explorer reigned supreme and had no strong contender. Then came Netscape Navigator with its , u"’": umodern’ look and tabbed browsing. After Netscape, Mozilla Firefox was able to capture a significant market share. In the recent past, we have seen Google Chrome become the most popular web browser. Google chrome has a minimal look that has caught users’ fancy. I’m going to share with you today a web browser design freebie. This web browser design PSD has a simple, clean, and minimal look and feel. At the top of the PSD are a few open tabs. To the right of the top bar you can see some conventional browser function icons. Under the top bar you have an address bar and back, forward, and refresh keys. I hope you’d like this web browser concept design. Feel free to download and make any changes to the PSD file.